The Normative Foundations of Business

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Question 01: Who are EmCare’s primary customers? What value does it offer to them?

The primary customers of EmCare are the hospitals where EmCare basically provide them with the physician staffing to emergency rooms of large hospitals working in Texas. Basically it is a service providing firm that provides the specialists in different departments to come over and work in emergency situations. Moreover, EmCare also offers hospital medicines, anesthesiology, surgical tools, and radiology services to the different healthcare facilities in Texas.

Along with this, the company also hires and contracts with physicians and also other professionals working in healthcare industry where EmCare provides the professional services to hospitals. Furthermore, EmCare also offers administrative services, risk management and billing services to the hospitals. Basically, it can be said that EmCare deals with B2B customers and it is directly focused on selling its services to hospitals. The basicpurpose of EmCare is to offer efficient medical aid, human resource and other services that can bring about positive results for patients which are not the primary customers for the company, but in fact the secondary customers.

Therefore, EmCare generally looks to stay connected with the end consumer by offering detailed, high quality, reasonable priced services and other operational support to the hospitals in Texas which ensures that patients are treated with better results. The focus of EmCare has been to improve the overall services for the customers and provide decent results in medical treatments.

Question 02: Identify 3 key activities EmCare undertakes to provide value to those customers

EmCare as the case confirms has been offering exclusive services to the emergency departments of different hospitals in Texas. The major three activities undertaken at EmCare are to basically offer customers with high quality care at reasonable prices. This is the most obvious activity offered by the company where EmCare looks to sustain the customers and offer them detailed service in all problem issues such as trauma and heart attacks. The purpose of the company is to make sure optimum services in every specific issue is provided to the customers who eventually offer it to the patients in Texas.

Along with this, another major key activity offered by EmCare is the nursing workflow design. The idea of this activity of EmCare is to offer trained professional nurses which generally spend up to 65% of the time with the patient, therefore, they need to be well connected with the needs and wants of the patients and therefore, they need to be thorough professional and need to adhere with the requirements of the industry.

Finally, the third major activity offered at EmCare which offers value to the customers is that EmCare takes pride in the organization offers Patient Safety Alert (PSA). The focus of this activity at EmCare is to report any kind of threat to the patient safety and offer constant solution and conduct investigation in offering acute services every time. As the case confirms, almost 14000 safety alters were recorded between 2002 to 2009. It is important aspect of providing unmatched services to the customers.

Question 03: Other than profit maximization, which of the three options described in reading#1 best describe EmCare’s apparent primary business objective? Defend youranswer with examples of EmCare behavior that support your choice:

The most obvious value as described is to offer high quality services at reasonable prices is directly proportional to the element of customer first. Since EmCare is not a direct source for the primary customers, therefore, the company looks to offer improved services to the clients at all levels by being committed and focused to the concept of customer first. The management at EmCare is more concerned with the services at optimum prices and quality is vital for the betterment of the customers.

In addition to this, to fulfill the element of meaningful employment; EmCare has been offering nursing workflow design. The idea as discussed in the previous section is to provide unmatched quality and service to the customers, therefore, the organization is committed to deliver the results that can reap in efficient employment performance. Therefore, this basically is the direct relation of the company and its concept of providing meaningful employment to the employers. The idea of providing efficient staff at all emergency units where needed has helped the organization quite evidently.

Finally, the concept and the mission or the vision of EmCare has been all about service the public. Therefore, the idea of treatments in different departments has been a major took of success for the patients coming over at different units of the hospitals. The performance has been quite exemplary in this regard by EmCare.

Question 04: Which normative constraints does EmCare appear to observe? Choose one of the following and defend with examples:

The normative constraint that is most appropriately followed at EmCare is the moral philosophy. The organization has all the reasons to earn increased profit and make itself a more profit oriented firm, however, this has not been the case with EmCare. It basically takes pride in offering its customers with value addition and optimum high quality services.

For instance, it offers hospitals with emergency support services that basically ensure a risk free treatment for the patients. In addition to this, the organization has been functioning in a detailed manner by being able to deliver the required services quite professionally.

The moral philosophy has been the factor of unique success at EmCare it has helped in better execution of strategies for the customers and patients at all levels. The focus has been on delivering and constant check and balance. This therefore, confirms the fact that EmCare is all about improving itself at all levels.

The most obvious normative constrain that has been prominent in the success of EmCare is the normative ethics that are worked quite professionally at EmCare and it has been the major reason of delivering results also. Therefore, it can be said that EmCare has attained significant success in the industry because of its exclusive services that are unmatched in the industry.

Question 05: Based on reading#3 why would EVHC fall short of securing investor support?What can EVHC do to attract investors adopting these guidelines?

The EVCH will short of securing the investor support because it does not fulfill the criteria that has been adopted by the government and the different stakeholders that are integral in decision making. It is important to have a check and balance of the decision making because at the end of the day results matter and since EVHC has not been able to make a strong brand name, therefore, it does lack the investment support from the investors.

Therefore, it is important to follow the guidelines and rules and regulations for the industry. For instance, engaging the stakeholder and updating the activities is important. Moreover, employee benefit is also integral for the better investor support. Additionally, the service quality has to be unique as well.

The above discussed can be some of the reasons which has not be favorable for EVHC and has eventually affected the outcome of expected support for investment and increased capital for better accommodation of services at different levels.

The first and foremost necessity for EVHC is to make sure it does attract investors by way of maintains the required standards of the industry. For instance, updated activity sheet, sustainable quality, improved services, governance structure and above all the importance of providing results need to be the most attractive part for EVHC in order to increase the outcome and results in factor of EVHC.

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