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Topic: Streamlining the Global Logistics Service Processes at Nanjing Wangjiawan Logistics Center (WLC)

Subject: Logistics

Based on the information provided, the above designed flow diagram will be appropriate for WLC business for Wal-Mart. The idea of the above designed flow diagram is to basically have a more accurate check and balance of the decision making process at the company and it will also help in improving the control over the logistic and supply chain activities for WLC. As the research of the case confirms, WLC has been a major player and stakeholder for the export of Wal-Mart goods from China, therefore, it has to be more efficient and well organized in order to achieve positive and direct results. Therefore, the above diagram with all the different processes as designed above will be appropriate and feasible for the organization.[….]Read More

Topic: Natureview Farm

Subject: Marketing

The Natureview farm is basically company that offers organic yogurt and it also is the market leader with about 24% shares. The shelf space, the production capacity and the special recipe basically account for the brand to become a successful in the market. Natureview has also been selling packaged yogurt items and it also focused on food and taste. The company was also able to accumulate total revenue of more than $20 million in 2001.[….]Read More

Topic: Letting the sun in: Redeveloping a Derelict Office Building in Chicago

Subject: Operation Management

The case discusses the situation where Halls are planning to attain the financial help from a local bank, Shore Bank which they consider to be the ideal institution to finance the office building project. Halls had the opportunity to get a finance price of $140,000 for the purchase and $685,000 as a renovation loan amount for the same. Therefore, it can be said that the focus of Halls to actually invest upon the redevelopment of a derelict building in Chicago does have the support of a local bank.The different options that were available for Halls will be to attain loan, invest in the property or the project and finally make the purchase at a decided purchase.[….]Read More


Subject: Supply Chain Management

The main perspective of the case of Meumet is to identify the current situation of the company, along with proposing different options through which they can easily increase their positioning. The document is more lenient towards proposing the recommendations for the company through which they can easily found the scale of investment which they are looking forward to achieve their desired goals.[….]Read More