How Do You Manage an Off Site Team

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Problem Identification

The case basically depicts the situation where a fictitious organization has been presented with challenges regarding the management of employees in the alternative workplace. For instance, Alison Scher has threatened to resign from her job, whereas Penny Ryan wants to be the sole stakeholder to run the team. The manager who is heading the off-site workers Craig Bedelle has felt blindsided with the conflicting situation at the company. Moreover, the situation has affected the HR head of the company Maggie Pinto and makes him decide where she should look to cancel the companywide meeting of the telecommunication program. In spite the fact that the company has been operating decently well. The overall communication has been indifferent and the where Craig started to receive quite a few email messages which suggested that Penny and Allison had issues between them. Therefore, it can be said that the major issue that is prevalent in the current case study is about communication issues between the off-site employees working at the company (Maruca, 1998).


The case basically is a clear example of the issues that are faced by an off-site team in ensuring effective communication. The major issue that is prevalent in the case is related to the fact that Craig was at issue because he was unable to manage and lead the team because he believed that everything was perfect in his department and there was not any need of change and communication improvement (Shockley-Zalabak, 2014).

Therefore, the case basically depicts the fact that Craig was unable to handle the situation in the organization in an efficient manner. In spite being at the leadership position he did not make the right efforts to overcome the existing issues and in fact he was keener to work in a manner where he was more concerned about the on-site operations, productivity and communication. However, in the hindsight he was actually unaware of the issues and obstacles that were faced by team members on the off site location. For example, Allison and Penny were finding it hard to work together because were of the view that the other person was not letting them work the way they want and too much interference was the cause of concern which made Allison decide upon quitting job with the company. Therefore, this issue basically was due to lack of communication and coordination between the onsite and the off-site teams working at the company (Modaff, 2016).

To actually overcome the current issues at the company and to basically make Allison and Penny resolve their respective issues, Craig should take up the change of the situation and he should basically conduct a one-on-one meeting with the two employees and listen to their respective issues. Moreover, he should also make a structured plan where no one should be allowed to intervene in the job responsibilities of the other employees because this was the most obvious reason of concern. The communication should be centralized at off-site locations because of lack of leadership skills in the employees. By doing so, Craig can actually overcome the current or the existing issues at the off-site of the company (Chermack, 2016).

The conflict that is evident in the off-site team is basically about the issue of lacking leadership skills. For instance, the two employees Penny and Allison were intervening in each other’s jobs and they were not letting them work with the clients in their usual manner. This is one of the major concerns and the only reason that leads to complexsituation where Allison decided to resign and Penny was eager to take up the charge of the whole team. Therefore, it can be said that the major issue is because of lack of leadership. If Craig could have handled the teams better, the outcome could have been better too and the results could have been more in favor of the company. In order to resolve the issue, Maggie the Head of Human Resource Department and Craig should discuss the cause of this current issue. For instance, since the blame lies on Craig, therefore, Maggie should look to have a discussion with Craig and identify the lack of leadership skills in him and help him out resolve the issues and make him handle in a more positive manner. Along with this, Maggie should look to conduct meetings with Allison and Penny and explain their respective roles in the organization.By doing so, the currentissues can be resolved in an efficient and rather effective manner (Shockley-Zalabak, 2014).


In the end, it can be said that the company has been facing severe issues with its off-site team. The reason which has made the team in-effective is the lack of leadership skills, poor communication and over involvement in others job. These have been the most obvious reasons that have led to ineffective team at the company. To overcome this issue and to make the teams work in an effective manner it is important on part of the leadership to define roles for each employees and make them work in their own capacity. As for now, the issue has been about interference and leadership lacking. Moving ahead in the future, it is important to entrust the managers to make decisions and implement them in a positive and well directed manner. A centralized organizational structure needs to be adhered at the company to make the management function in an appropriate manner. Moreover, the communication should be straight and directed towards achieving organizational goals and objectives (Chermack, 2015).


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