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Topic: Elite Personal Training Case Study Solution

Types Of Document: Case Study
Subject Of Area: Marketing
Number Of Pages: 3 Pages/750 words
Academic Level: Undergraduate

  1. How to Finance the business with limited capital?
  2. They are not expected to have enough number of customers at the start of the second year of operations [….] Read More

Topic: United Technologles Inc Solution

Types of Document: Assignment
Subject Of Area: Finance
Number Of Pages: 2
Academic Level: Master

  1. What is the NPV of purchasing vs. assembling ? (provide details of the calculation).
  2. What are other issues you should take into account when making the decision?[….] Read More

Topic: FNCE 370v9: Assignment 1

Types of Document: Assignment
Subject of Area: Finance
Number of Pages: 3
Number of Page: (1 Pages/250 words)
Academic Level: Undergraduate

Assignment 1 is worth 5% of your final mark. Complete and submit Assignment 1 after you complete Lesson 1.Save this assignment file and use it to record your responses to all three parts of this assignment. Answer all three parts in one file. Follow the instructions on the Assignment 1 page of the course website for submitting your completed assignment file. [….] Read More


Types Of Document: Case Study
Subject Of Area: Supply Chain Management
Number Of Pages: (4 Pages/1000 words)
Academic Level: Master

There is a case study pertaining to a hypothetical plant namely, Gary Plant. There are obvious problems that specifically associated with the same plant. The growth of the company is inefficient and the have certain problems within their operations that needed to be identified.The company has lost its technical efficiency and curiosity.[….] Read More

Topic: The Normative Foundations of Business

Subject: Marketing

The primary customers of EmCare are the hospitals where EmCare basically provide them with the physician staffing to emergency rooms of large hospitals working in Texas. Basically it is a service providing firm that provides the specialists in different departments to come over and work in emergency situations. [….] Read More

Topic: How Do You Manage an Off Site Team

Subject: Management

The case basically depicts the situation where a fictitious organization has been presented with challenges regarding the management of employees in the alternative workplace. For instance, Alison Scher has threatened to resign from her job, whereas Penny Ryan wants to be the sole stakeholder to run the team. The manager who is heading the off-site workers Craig Bedelle has felt blindsided with the conflicting situation at the company. Moreover, the situation has affected the HR head of the company Maggie[….] Read More

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